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Hikes in the Alpine.

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Building a community focused on
mindfulness, healthy eating and invigorating exercise.

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Hiking in the Alpine meadows.

There are plenty of places to discover above and around the trees line. Hiking provides a nice and steady way to exercise. When done regularly, the body and mind start to work together in a healthy way. It’s challenging but totally doable.


A day of discovery

  • 7:00am  Leaving Vancouver

  • 11:00am  Arriving at the Artist Point parking - start of the hike

  • 2:00pm  Lunch

  • 6:00pm  Return to the car

  • 7:00pm  Dinner at a local restaurant

  • 8:30pm Drive back to Vancouver


Multi destinations

Our purpose is to discover various alpine destinations on various continents.


Explore Nature

Sometimes, nature offers gems worth spending time into…


Welcome to the Adventure

We want to make sure that you’re making the right choice, so we’ll chat, email, skype to start establishing real, tangible relationships
before heading out into the mountains.


 Because a photo is worth a thousand words…